Consumers removing baths for showers, finds Ripples

Bathroom retail franchise Ripples reports clients are looking to remove the bath in place of a large shower.

12 Apr, 24

Bathroom retail franchise Ripples reports clients are looking to remove the bath in place of a large shower, as part of a poll to discover consumer insights into showering and design choices.

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Ripples Southport display featuring shower enclosure


Senior designer of Ripples London Jo Sangster commented: “On the whole, we are seeing showers being chosen over baths, for reasons of space-saving, sustainability and futureproofing.”

The survey, which was held to mark the retailer’s April Shower Sale, found 80% of respondents said they chose a special finish shower, with just 20% opting for a more traditional chrome finish.

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Ripples London further reported Matt Black continues to be the most popular special finish brassware choice, closely followed by Brushed Gold and then Brushed Nickel.

The retailer reports special finishes across the brassware category continue to grow in popularity as the industry develops matching finishes across radiators and shower wastes, helping the client create a cohesive look.

While there has been a recent interior trend for maximalist styling, minimalist design reigns in showering, with just 4% of respondents choosing maximalist style.

Ripples designers report a minimalist shower room is often seen as the safer choice by clients, as they feel more comfortable that a simple look will stand the test of time.

They also cite the potential re-sale value of a client’s home is a consideration when they choose a pared-back minimalist scheme.

Considering the layout of the space, 80% of respondents stated they would choose a walk-in shower or wet room, rather than choosing a self-contained shower enclosure.

Ripples designers noted their clients like the hotel-inspired look of a walk-in shower for practical benefits, such as helping to future-proof the room for multi-generational living.