Water Label offers sales opportunities

27 Sep, 13

Research claims “strong potential” for uptake of water efficient bathroom sales

According to recent consumer research, there is a “strong potential” to increase the uptake of water efficient bathroom products. The research was tasked by Defra and conducted on behalf of WRAP to explore consumer attitudes to water using bathroom products.

It found nearly a third of people questioned (27%) said they would be ‘much more likely’ to purchase a shower marketed as water efficient. In addition, nearly a fifth of people questioned (17%) said the same of a water efficient basin mixer.

As these are the two most commonly purchased fittings, cited by 59% of consumers, the report found water efficiency could make a difference in sales. However, the report also stated water efficiency still remains a secondary consideration that sit beneath primary purchase considerations of style, price and performance. The results showed that potential for water- efficient products take-up is higher for consumers who undertake large scale, remodelling projects.

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However, the research also highlighted opportunities for water efficient bathroom sales growth, by promoting the products through instore demonstrations as it reported: “The best opportunity to ‘barrier bust’ negative preconceptions about performance.” It also revealed highlighting running costs as a “powerful opportunity” to encourage water efficient bathroom fitting sales “particularly if the bridge to energy, as well as water, bills can be made.”

The Water using Products Consumer Insight Research, concluded water efficiency is a mid-ranking influence on bathroom sales, on its own, but can be increased by association with lower running costs, product innovation (such as eco-click taps) or performance.

Since showrooms accounted for more than two thirds of bathroom purchases (61%), as opposed to  a mixture of instore and online (12%), the report concluded on-pack and POS labelling was the “most significant touch point”. And it made recommendations to retailers and merchants to use the Water Label in-store.

DIY giants and merchants have already joined forces to display the Water Label on bathroom products in-store, which head of sustainability at Wolseley Tim Pollard said will “significantly change purchasing behaviour.”