Destination showrooms debate on #KBNConvo

Is a working coffee machine enough to create an exciting, in-store retail experience?

16 Jul, 19

The live Twitter chat, organised by Kitchens & Bathrooms News, #KBNConvo will discuss destination showrooms on August 2, 12-1pm, and consider how retailers can attract consumers on to the high street.

#KBNConvo discusses destination showroom design


The hour-long conversation will be asking industry professionals how they can encourage people to buy on the high street, instead of purchasing online, by creating an attractive shopping experience.

#KBNConvo will be encouraging professionals to exchange ideas and swap experiences of what makes an interesting and exciting environment to shop in.

It will ask bathroom and kitchen specialists what they consider to be retailtainment, what companies they look to for exciting in-store purchasing and how they create the experience in their showroom.

Whether its through store design, customer service or a combination of the two, #KBNConvo aims to explore the topic and help encourage retailers to create destination showrooms.

Editor of Kitchens & Bathrooms News Philippa Turrell commented: “The high street has undoubtedly been challenged by online retailing but shopping online will always struggle to replicate an exciting in-store purchase.”

She continued: “Creating a destination showroom is growing particularly important, even for the younger generation which have more spending power than Baby Boomers.

“A recent survey by Foolproof found the younger generation see a place for in-store shopping as it provides a time to meet with friends, as well as allow them to check the quality of the goods they want to purchase.

“Retailers need to capitalise on this, enticing current and future consumers into a showroom that is exciting, compelling and an experience they want to share.”

Philippa Turrell concluded: “We hope to discover some insights about creating destination kitchen and bathroom showrooms, which we can all share.”

Last month the Twitter chat questioned the roles of sales versus design, and #KBNConvo reported more training is needed to raise the standard of selling bathrooms and kitchens.