Digital agency founder enters online bathroom sales

08 Apr, 15

Former agency founder takes on bathroom e-commerce

Online bathroom retailer Earth Bathrooms has been established by co-founder of digital marketing agency Epiphany, Shane Quigley, who has worked with brands such as Paul Smith and Debenhams.

Having sold Epiphany for £18million, Quigley set up the Leeds-based firm which employs 20 people, including in-house customer service.

According to the company, since its January launch, Earth Bathroom is delivering 50% month-on-month growth.

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The company is focused on “delivering consistently low prices” with “customer service at the forefront” of the business.

Shane Quigley explained: “Ten years from now, in an era of truly global retail, everyone will be offering similar products at similar prices and it will be good old fashioned customer service that again becomes the true mark of how much you can trust a brand.”

Earth Bathrooms currently offers bathroom furniture and accessories, however there are plans to expand the business to develop it into a home improvements and interiors brand.

Quigley commented: “I relish the challenge of putting my marketing and technology expertise to the test with this new venture. My business growth and agency background gives me the benefit of having a broad yet granular view of what works and what doesn’t across a number of e-commerce sectors, as well as a complete understanding of the team expertise needed to make this a success. A lot of companies avoid growing their in house resources due to uncertainty around the required skillsets, and the confidence and knowledge we have to do the exact opposite will be a great competitive advantage.”