Electrolux launches YourWaterMark app

27 Sep, 13

Helping consumers calculate water use

Appliance manufacturer Electrolux has unveiled the YourWaterMark app that helps assess individual water consumption, in order to raise awareness about the need to conserve this resource.  The app’s data is verified by Global Green USA, an environmental non-profit organisation.

According to the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, by 2021, 1.8billion people will be living in countries or regions with absolute water scarcity. In addition, two thirds of the world’s populations could be living under water stressed conditions.

The Facebook application measures not just usage for showering or brushing teeth, but also the hidden consumptions such as water in food or used on a commute.

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Along with YourWaterMark scores, users are provided with information about the water scarcity issue and advice for reducing their impact from Zem Joaquin, eco expert and founder of EcoFabulous.com

President and CEO of Global Green USA Matt Petersen said: “This application is a means of helping people understand their impact and getting them to pay attention to the very real issue of global water scarcity.”

“YourWaterMark is not an exhaustive measure, but it is designed to expose ways that we consume water every day, sometimes beyond the obvious, and build awareness of the desperate need to conserve.”

Electrolux has surpassed its 2014 water reduction goal of 20% in its operations. As part of its sustainability strategy, Electrolux dishwashers use at least 40% less water than 10 years ago and the most advanced washers use 63% less water than machines from 10 years ago.

Head of sustainability affairs at Electrolux Henrik Sundström said: “As a home appliance manufacturer, it’s important that we do our part, by acting responsibly as a company, by delivering water-efficient products and by helping to raise awareness of the need for change.”