Falmec launches UK subsidiary

Forming part of a global strategy to be closer to the market

06 Jan, 20

Italian extractor manufacturer Falmec has set up a UK subsidiary, which will be responsible for all sales and marketing.

Falmec launches UK subsidiary


Falmec UK Limited is headed up by Sean Drumm, managing director of distributor Showtime in Dublin, which has sold the brand in Ireland since 2007.

Formerly handled by Euroline, which was its sole distributor in the UK, Falmec made the decision to have a direct presence in the UK as part of a global strategy  to be closer to the market.

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The move is designed to sharpen the company’s focus on the UK market’s specific needs and to enhance the company’s product and service offer.

Managing director of Falmec UK Sean Drumm: Our objective is to shine a brighter light on the extensive appeal of this award-winning collection and its many unique attributes.

“We are fortunate to already have a solid foundation in the UK – established by Euroline Sales & Marketing – on which to further develop the brand”

Alongside Sean Drumm, the Falmec UK team will also include Ron Blount (formerly of Blanco & Inventum), who will be responsible for business development.

Both are supported by sales managers from the industry, including Gary Butcher.

Drumm commented: “Having worked closely together with Falmec for well over 10 years, I know there’s a lot of potential in this brand.”

He added: “With excellent after-sales service back-up & PR expertise, we intend to be 100% focused on growing market share so that the Falmec brand receives the recognition it so richly deserves.”

In March 2020, the company will be exhibiting at KBB2020 in Birmingham where they will be launching a new collection of appliances.