FIRA and BLUM announce kitchen study findings

13 Sep, 13

Three year study carried out on UK kitchens

The Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA) has collaborated with kitchen fittings manufacturer Blum UK on a three-year study into the way UK consumers use kitchens.

Monitors and sensors were placed in kitchens in UK households to gather information on the way kitchens are used. This was in order to assess the impact on design, installation and manufacture of furniture fittings.

Monitors recorded the loads applied to doors and drawers, how many times they were opened and closed (cycles), the types of use and changes in use.  

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The study identified how UK kitchens were evolving, with it now common to have a refuse container in a cupboard, rather than a separate bin. This change was prompted by more space being needed for recycling. The study also showed that heavier items were now being kept in drawers and the use of lifting systems has increased.

FIRA’s international research and consultancy manager Dr Asli Tamer-Vestlund said: “This data helps us to identify trends in family life, look at areas that would benefit from improvement and innovation and review current Standards to ensure kitchen furniture and components meet the requirements of the UK consumer.”