Fitter says don’t risk quality of kbb installation because of demand

Award-winning installer Mark Conacher, director of Liberty Fitting Service, says don’t risk the quality of kitchen and bathroom installations because of high demand.

24 Aug, 21

Award-winning fitter Mark Conacher, director of Liberty Fitting Service, says don’t risk the quality of kbb installations because of high demand.

Speaking to Kitchens & Bathrooms News, as part of its video interview series #KBNOne2One, he said the company is normally booked four weeks in advance but currently has jobs up to the end of the year.

The Dundee-based kitchen and bathroom installation company has three teams of fitters and, feeling pressured to meet the high demand, considered taking on additional people.

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However, Mark Conacher said there is a lack of quality installers, as they were choosing when and how they wanted to work.

He even added: “We always get the people that are absolutely not suited and we’re not even getting them now.”

He said there are no short cuts to kbb installation and said: “You’ve still got to do the job right because reducing the quality, that just backfires on you.

“If the plumber is rushed and something happens, it’s going to come back and bite you in a week, two weeks, two months, a years’ time, and that just gives a bad reputation to everybody.”

He exclaimed kbb retailers should look to employ the services of British Institute of Bathroom & Kitchen Installation (BiKBBI) members, to ensure quality work.

Conacher stated: “If you are a retailer, you obviously have a good reputation with customers, I don’t know why you would risk a chance on someone [a fitter] without going through an organisation like the BiKBBI.

“They are the only organisation fighting on behalf of installers. They are the only ones pushing to raise the standards of installation – and high minimum standards.

“So any retailer out there looking for a good installer, someone that’s trustworthy, someone that’s got a good record behind them, there is nowhere else to go.”

Fitter says don't risk kbb installation quality due to demand