Callerton founder publishes Insights to Kitchen Design

Founder of Callerton James Herriot celebrated the launch of Insights to Kitchen Design at Potton's Show Centre and Self Build Academy.

20 Feb, 24

Founder of kitchen manufacturer Callerton James Herriot celebrated the launch of Kitchen Design: 40+ Years in the World of a Design-led Kitchen Specialist, at Potton’s Show Centre and Self Build Academy.

James Herriot published Insights to Kitchen Design

It has been written as a resource for people with a passion for kitchen design, from design professionals through to homeowners seeking inspiration for their project.

Insights to Kitchen Design explores 20 projects from the manufacturer’s archives.

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They were chosen from 40 years of Callerton, the British kitchen manufacturer co-founded by James Herriot and Gorden Stanger Leathes.

Each case study is reimagined with two alternative interpretations, highlighting design possibilities within the same spatial confines.

In addition, the book incorporates insights from industry leaders, and emphasises the synergy between design, products, and project management. to create functional spaces with aesthetic appeal.

As James Herriot remarked during the event: ‘This book is the culmination of a lifelong journey, reflecting not just my vision but the collective wisdom and creativity of our industry.”

Herriot stepped down as chairman of Callerton and the business is now run by Dawn Short who took the CEO role in January 2023.