Franke Group opens synthetic sink factory

Investment of CHF 42million into coloured synthetic sinks

09 Aug, 18

The Franke Group has consolidated its global sink production with the opening of a factory in Slovenia for synthetic sinks, which has seen an investment to CHF42million (£32.8million).

According to Franke, the factory will help the group achieve greater flexibility, achieve faster response times and produce a broader range of sinks.

Based in Strecno, northern Slovenia, the factory consists of three buildings, including a main facility which spans an area of 18,000sqm, and employs 300 people.

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It boasts an automatic raw material feed to the Frangenite production cells and fully-automated, robot-operated sink processing.

In addition, to manufacturing the site also houses a centre for research and development.

Franke Group opens synthetic sink factory 1

CEO of the Franke Group Patrick Wohlhauser and interim head of the Franke Kitchen Systems division commented: “There is a clear market trend towards coloured sinks, which is reflected in our sales figures posting double-digit growth rates.

“Coloured sinks made from the Fragenite and Techtonite composites are therefore a strategically important product segment for Franke Kitchen Systems.”