Franke UK halts sale of appliances

Frames by Franke range will stop from the end of March

15 Jan, 18

Franke UK has announced a strategic decision to stop selling its Frames by Franke range from the end of March.

The company will, instead, focus on its core categories of sinks, taps, waste management and hoods, such as its Mythos built-in model, to grow sales and brand strength through distribution.

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Managing director of Franke UK Neil Clark commented: “Looking at the UK market, sinks and taps are our traditional heartland where we see big opportunities especially in the instant boiling water sector, as well as in extending our market penetration in waste management and hoods.

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“We have many new products coming though from our innovation pipeline in 2018 in sinks, taps and luxury hoods, as well as a brand new line from premium brand KWC.

“There are lots of positives for our customers and I believe the UK market, with its continuing challenges, is best served by us prioritising our attention in these areas and not in appliances where the market is heavily represented already.”

Franke is managing the withdrawal of the appliances with its current retail partners, in a transition period, until the end of March.

However, customers who have bought Frames by Franke have been assured warranties, service and after-sales care will be honoured by the company, as the appliances will continue to be sold in other countries.

Customers who have ordered Frames by Franke appliances will receive them, as normal, during the transition period.