Franke launches appliances at KBB

24 Mar, 16

MD Neil Clarke introduces ovens, hobs, sinks and taps under Frames by Franke brand

K&B News: Can you explain the story of your stand?

Neil Clark (NC): On the stand, this year, we have all three of our brands that we market in the UK; Franke, KWC, which is our premium tap brand, and Carron Phoenix which is a brand we sell predominately into developers but also retailers as well

What are the highlights of your stand?

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NC: Frames by Franke is a new range of appliances – sinks, taps, hobs, hoods, ovens – [priced at a] very premium position. We are showing it for the first time to independent retailers.

K&B News: You are setting yourself against some big German appliance brands…

NC: We recognise we are never going to take the volume share of the market but what we do see is there are some niches there and the reaction to the concept has been very positive. We have a target, we are looking to bring on board 50-100 retailers in the first year and we’ve certainly had a level of interest at the show that would indicate those targets are achievable. But it’s early days.

K&B News:What are your thoughts on this year’s KBB Birmingham?

I would say there is more optimism. Talking to some of the independent retailers who have come on to the stand, they are all busy. Everybody is feeling good about the business at the moment and I think that’s reflected both in the exhibitors here and retailers who are spending money and putting new displays in.