Free CAD training for ex-Bathstore staff

Training offered for first 50 former Bathstore employees to contact the company

03 Jul, 19

Virtual Worlds has offering ex-Bathstore designer affected by the collapse of the retail chain free CAD training on its 3D and 4D programmes.


With the first training session providing a foundation on Virtual Worlds software, former Bathstore employees can go on to compete further CAD training at a 50% discounted rate.

Reaching out on LinkedIn with the offer, managing director of Virtual Worlds Nathan Maclean said: “My best wishes go out to all Bathstore staff that will be feeling anxious about their future.

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“This is a genuine offer of help that has the potential to go full circle to help our industry in all sorts of ways.”

He continued, directly addressing ex-Bathstore employees: “Virtual Worlds has 70% market share in the independent bathroom showrooms.

“If you are wishing to stay in the industry as a design, you are likely to be applying for a position with a Virtual Worlds retailers. Bathstore wasn’t using our system, so training will be important.”

The offer is open to the first 50 employees who email the company.

Created by Logicom Computer Services, Virtual Worlds offers 3D room planning software, Augmented Reality, and a fully-immersive 4D experience with theatre.

In addition it also provides retailers with Virtual Worlds One Price software, which can automatically generate quotes, invoices and purchase orders.