Frontline claims KBB is best show in seven years

24 Mar, 16

Having won Best Stand for over 50sqm, Michael Sammon says companies have more money to invest in exhibitions

K&B News: Can you explain the design of your stand?

Michael Sammon (MS): We have different themed rooms. In the Knightsbridge room, the feature product is the Knightsbridge freestanding bath with a chrome-effect surround. We have the Sphere room, with a tinted glass enclosure with a black profile. We have a Natural room, with stone freestanding products. Then there is a Modern room, which features a Glide shower enclosure. The design has come from when I’ve done all the feature work for the photography. We wanted to create an effect within each room, because when you’re buying a bathroom you want to create a theme around the actual product. So it’s important when retailers come onto the stand, they feel like they could buy that product.

K& B News: Did you win an award for your stand?

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MS: Yes, we won Best Designed Stand over 50sqm. So that’s a good tick in the box. We are chuffed to bits with that.

K&B News: What’s the reaction been like to your product launches and your stand?

MS: Brilliant. [We’ve had an] absolutely amazing reaction to both the products and the stand. It’s enabled us to feature our own-branded products, the mid-to-high range we do. So it’s opened doors to different retailers that we probably wouldn’t have attracted in the past

K&B News: Has this resulted in sales?

MS: We’ve opened lots of new accounts. We’ve had lots of orders from existing customers. We did set ourselves daily targets and for two days we’ve achieved both.

K&B News: So what do you think of the show?

MS: The show itself has been the best, probably since the recession hit seven years’ ago. The economy has changed and companies have got a little bit more money to invest back into exhibitions. I think it has been a positive show.