Gessi presents latest products during CDW 2024

Luxury brassware supplier Gessi will be welcoming visitors to its London showroom during Clerkenwell Design Week (CDW), to present its latest products.

10 May, 24

Luxury brassware supplier Gessi will be welcoming visitors to its London showroom during Clerkenwell Design Week (CDW), May 21-23, to present its latest products.

Gessi to welcome visitors during CDW

Located in the 17th Century Old Sessions House, Clerkenwell, Casa Gessi spans 500sqm and features vaulted ceilings and original brick walls, and features a renewed layout with its latest collections.

Inspired by fashion, architecture, and design creativity, Casa Gessi will feature its Haute Collection featuring its Perle and Jacqueline brassware collection, with the range extended with washbasins and complementary door, cabinet, and shower handles.

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Perle brassware features a spherical tap control, available in Murano glass, through to handshaped marble and semi-precious stones, and is complemented by Murano glass washbasin.

While Jacqueline basin mixers are manufactured from  hollow shoots, each selected by diameter and pitch between the knots, and are completed by washbasins featuring a mix of materials such as water-resistant leather and a metal band.

Completing the latest products are Ventaglio, which recalls the shape and language of a fan, and Inverso which is characterized by “woven metal” decorations.

Now in its 15th year, Clerkenwell Design Week 2024 will host more than 600 curated events across the EC1 neighbourhood, with over 160 participating showrooms and 300 exhibitors across more than 12 venues.