Granite Transformations extends concessions

06 Oct, 14

Five concessions established in garden and leisure centres

Granite Transformations has added to its network of showroom franchises, with the opening of five concessions in garden and leisure centres.

These concessions are based in Bicester in Oxfordshire, Bridgemere in Cheshire, Burton on the South Wirral, Sherfield in Hampshire and Whinmoor near Leeds.

In addition to these concessions, the company has also opened a showroom on a trading estate in Banbury and in a high street location in Redland in Bristol.

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These franchise concessions see newcomers to the industry, as well as franchisees taking on additional premises.

Chief operating officer Danny Hanlon commented: “Busy high streets, arterial routes and retail estates provide a good source of passing trade, as well as prominent locations where [research online, purchase offline] ROPO customers can come to check out the products instore.”

He continued: “Yet, garden centres and out-of-town shopping villages generate their own substantial visitor traffic, as much through the week as over the weekend, and attract a similar demographic to our own customer base.”

Halon added: “Concession sites provide a lower-cost launch pad for new franchise owners, as our latest round of showroom openings would indicate, and allow existing franchisees to expand their retail presence without overextending their finances.”

These concession openings follow the speech of international franchise COO and Trend USA head, Paul Lane at the company’s international convention who said Granite Transformations would be encouraging multiple franchise ownership.