Green Homes Grant ignoring fittings is “disappointing” says BMA

Taps and showers not included in scheme

10 Aug, 20

The Bathroom Manufacturers Association has spoken out about its disappointment that water-saving fittings have been excluded from the Government’s Green Homes Grant.

Don't withhold supplier payments, urges BMA

Taps and showers did not feature on the list of primary or secondary measures fundable through the scheme.

Announced by Chancellor Rishi Sunak, in July, the Green Homes Grant means homeowners can benefit from a £5000 voucher to upgrade their homes.

However, only insulation and low carbon heating is eligible for the grants, along with ‘secondary measures’ in special circumstances.

Chief executive of the BMA Tom Reynolds explained the association’s disappointment: “At first, we were encouraged that this was a Green Homes Grant and not pigeon-holed to a single aspect of sustainable retrofit.

“Sadly, as the detail has emerged, the scheme appears much narrower than we originally thought.

“The Government’s advisors on climate change found last year that heating water for showers and hot taps is the second largest source of household greenhouse gas emissions.

“With growing water scarcity, measures to reduce wasted water have a double-whammy benefit of reducing carbon and protecting vital water resources, so it’s disappointing to see water efficiency not covered by this new Grant.”

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