Grinton: “We’re back in the sunshine”

14 Mar, 14

Pronorm was seeking 5-10 new dealers at kbbBirmingham

Kitchen furniture manufacturer Pronorm used kbbBirmingham to attract “five or 10 new dealers”, explained UK & Ireland business manager Jason Grinton.

Although, he was reticent to admit whether he had achieved the aims of the show, he said “we have 10-15 people to go and see.” However, he added: “But the signs are good.”

Grinton explained retailer business, since September last year has been “night and day”, compared to the last six months and for the first two months of 2014 turnover “was significantly up on last year”.

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He added Pronorm retailers were enthusiastic and reporting a higher level of footfall, with their customers ready to spend.

Speaking about retail attendance and kitchen representation at kbbBirmingham, Grinton said: “I would prefer to see more and more kitchen retailers to come. The more the merrier, definitely. And I’m delighted to see the other brands here.” He concluded: “There’s a definite feeling we’re back in the sunshine, a little bit now and that’s nice.”

A full review of kbbBirmingham will appear in the April issue of Kitchens & Bathrooms News.