Grohe factory production adjusted during COVID-19 crisis

Factory suspended in Portugal, with Germany and Thailand working under restrictions

01 Apr, 20
During the COVID_19 crisis, Grohe factory production has been adjusted  at its German manufacturing sites to comply with the latest official hygiene recommendations and guidelines and protect staff.
Grohe names Thomas Fuhr chief executive officer
The company has temporarily suspended production of its Albergaria factory in Portugal and is planning to resume operations on April 12, 2020.
And the Grohe factory in Klaeng, Thailand, is also following procedures, including around thermostatic control, to ensure increased hygiene standards and employee safety.
Grohe reports “for all sites, applicable regulations and measures are under constant review and subject to adjustments as necessary.”
The Grohe brand is working on managing stock and service levels across the EMENA region.
COO Fittings Lixil International and CEO of Grohe AG Thomas Fuhr said: “With the spread of the novel coronavirus we witness an unprecedented situation across the globe.
“Over the recent weeks, the impact has increased on society and the economy alike.
“Given the overall dynamics, we have constantly evaluated the rapidly-changing circumstances early on to determine necessary actions.
“It is now, that we are tightening existing measures to further protect our employees.”