Grohe imagines bathrooms in 2034

06 Nov, 14

Four scenarios for bathroom design in two decades’ time

Grohe has teamed up with Frankfurt think tank Zukunftsinstitut and Villeroy & Boch to study the concept “Bathrooms in 2034 – the centre of new living universes”. This, combined with the results of an online survey with 1075 people in Germany has helped experts create four visions of the future.

  • Multi-ID Bathroom

According to the survey 60% of responsdents desired a bathroom which meets the needs of everybody in the household. By 2034, this could be served by a ‘Smart Home’, where bathrooms will adjust to a user’s favourite settings, from temperature to music and coloured lighting to the height of the washbasin and bathroom, to projections of preferred surfaces, such as wood, stone or tiles. Grohe Spa F-digital already provides brassware which allows users to pre-set water delivery and temperature.

  • Healthness Bathroom

Almost half of respondents would like to have a bathroom that incorporates health-orientated elements. The bathroom could measure bodily functions and collect vital details. In the Healthness Bathroom, interactive apps with an on-screen avatar could encourage users to meet fitness goals. Web-based technologies could provide live chats with doctors or pharmacies.

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  • Zero Emissions Bathroom

Three quarters of respondents consider energy savings and water efficiency when refurbishing a bathroom. By 2034, experts suggest bathrooms will be engineered as self-contained pods which don’t depend on connection to public water and energy. The bathroom will act as a heat-recuperator and water treatment facility converting waste water into methane which would be used for heat. Sewage will be minimised by vacuum toilet technology. Decor will centre on sustainability, with 63% of people already appreciating qualities such as wood and clay in the bathroom.

  • Selfness Bathroom

?Over 70% of respondents wanted a bathroom devoted to relaxation and “me time”. In 2024, the bathroom will become a spa using audio equipment, mood lighting, aromatherapy and scenic backdrops projected onto the wall. A variety of digital programmes will enable the room to be converted into a yoga studio or spa lounge and experts suggest a Selfness ensuite bathroom could extend its atmosphere into the bedroom to promote restful sleep.