Grundig focuses on sustainable tech at IFA

Grundig unveils appliances made using recycled marine plastic

31 Aug, 18

Appliance brand Grundig focused on sustainable technologies to enhance the environment at trade exhibition IFA in Berlin.

Grundig focuses on sustainable tech at IFA 3


As part of the global push for a world less affected by plastic waste, it revealed the Grundig 2018 washer dryer tub which is made from 60 recycled PET plastic bottles.

For every 200,000 washer dryer products, roughly 12million 500ml plastic bottles will be used in the process.

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In addition, in a bid to reduce the effects of microfibres in the environment Grundig has developed filtering technology in its washing machine.

According to Grundig, it will enable up to 99.9% of microfibres to be filtered out instead of leaking into water sources, to reduce pollution of the aquatic ecosystem.

And tackling plastic waste which poses a threat to marine life, Grundig is recycling fishing nets, textiles and scrap waste and using them in the manufacture of its home appliances.

From September 2018, the recycled materials will be used in the plastic parts of its ovens, such as the oven display cover, cooling fan part and card holder part.

By the end of the 2018, 65 tonnes of waste materials will be recycled by using the nylon composites as oven parts.

According to Grundig around 30 parts in the home appliances product range will be ready for serial production in 2019.

And the company is planning to increase the consumption of the nylon-based recycled materials to 330 tonnes.

Grundig built-in appliances were launched into the UK in 2014 and are available to kitchen retailers through JP Distribution.