Hacker UK MD to take global role

17 Jun, 15

Stephen Fass to be succeeded by export manager Sven Herden

Following nearly 40 years with the company, MD of Hacker’s UK subsidiary Hacker Own Brand, Stephen Fass is to change his role to work on more global projects from July 1, 2015.

Stephen Fass who will celebrate 51 years working in the kitchen industry, in August, was keen to point out he is not retiring from the business. He also exclaimed that the transition of his role had been in the pipeline since 2013.

Fass commented on the change to his role: “There’s loads of projects they want me to do and that’s very exciting because I’ll be working for the owner and the MD of a £400million company as opposed to the turnover we do in the UK. It’s very gratifying for me.”

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Taking over the role of Stephen Fass, in the UK, will be Hacker’s export manager Sven Herden, who has worked for the company since September 2011.

Herden has held the role of export director for the UK, Ireland, Sandinavia and Estonia since January 2013. Fass commented on Herden’s appointment: “The guy that’s taking over is our export manager and everyone knows him. He’s 36. He’s not dogmatic. He’s a European German. Everyone likes him, so it is a natural progression.

“We’re more keen on the harmony and the continuity of Hacker than anything else. If someone wants to ring me in six weeks’ time, or six months’ time or two years’ time, they can because I’m around and I’m still a Hacker man and I’ll always be a Hacker guy.”