Hettich Group hits €1billion sales

Sales up 8.7% on 2017

02 Apr, 19

Manufacturer of furniture fittings Hettich has generated sales of €1.059billion sales in 2018.

Hettich hits €1billion sales

Head of Hettich Group Dr Andreas Hettich


This figure represents an increase of 8.6% over the previous year, 2017, when Hettich achieved sales of €975million.

In addition, Hettich UK achieved sales and market share growth for the company’s core products of hinges, drawer systems and sliding door merchanisms.

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Headquartered in Kirchlengern, Germany, Hettich employs 6,700 people around the globe.

More than 3,600 of its staff were based in Germany.

According to the company 71% of Hettich business was from outside its native country, with the company investing around €119million worldwide.

Head of the Hettich Group, Dr Andreas Hettich  commented: “We are delighted to have crossed the €1billion threshold.”

He continued: “We thank all our customers, the entire Hettich team and partners for our excellent working relationship and look forward to further successful growth in a challenging environment.”