Hoover almost triples built-in market share

Kitchen appliance manufacturer Hoover has almost tripled its built-in market share in 15 months.

27 May, 21

Kitchen appliance manufacturer Hoover has almost tripled its built-in market share in 15 months.

Hoover almost triples built-in market share

Best known for its laundry and floorcare products, the brand has grown its market share in the built-in category, from 3.9% market share in January 2020 to 11.3% in May 2021.

Hoover’s built-in portfolio comprises more than 500 models, including ovens and hobs, as well as washing machines and wine coolers.

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The company has seen growth across four product categories of cooking, cooling, dishwashing and laundry in the last 12 months.

Business director of built-in appliances at Hoover Nick Platt said: “We’re absolutely delighted to have hit double-digit market share in such a short time and within a highly-competitive sector.

“We have worked strategically to build our retailer relationships with a focus on independents, mass merchants and a newly-formed contracts channel, all of which have contributed significantly to our success.

“In the past the business was driven by integrated laundry sales and, whilst we have grown our shares in this category with 1:3 built-in washing machines sold in the UK being manufactured by the group.

“We’ve also achieved record shares in built-in dishwashers, cooling and cooking– something we are immensely proud of.

“We invest heavily in all of our product development, ensuring we are offering consumers reliable, hard-working appliances that put the very latest connected technology at the forefront.

“A good example of this is our range of ovens that can be controlled remotely via an app, as well as providing access to over 200 healthy recipes.

“We are also offering marketing support in the form of TV advertising on the Collection 3 connected cooking range featuring our Hoover brand ambassador, Simon Rimmer, as well as digital and radio advertising campaigns.

“As such, this is just the start of our journey for the built-in market and we have big ambitions to continue on our successful growth trajectory.”