Hoover Candy sells one million appliances in a year

Business figures doubled those in 2014

20 Jan, 20

Household appliance manufacturer Hoover Candy has celebrated selling more than one million freestanding appliances within a 12-month period.

Hoover Candy sells one million appliances in a year

The sales achievement was ratified on December 20, 2019, with business figures having doubled those in 2014.

According to the company, it has experienced “major growth” across all product lines, including  “notably impressive” sales of washing machines, tumble dryers and fridge freezers.

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It marks the end of a year under the ownership of Haier Europe, which acquired the Warrington-headquartered business in January 2019.

Business director of freestanding appliances at Hoover Candy Steve Macdonald said: “To sell a million freestanding units is no mean feat, but to do it in under 12 months is incredible.

“For the freestanding division to achieve a business first in such a notable year for the group is wonderful news and has set strong foundations for a positive start to 2020 and the new decade ahead.

“To mark such an achievement, in lieu of a challenging and changeable market, is testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved in the supply chain and it’s one we should all be very proud of.”

Hoover has recently targeted 13million viewers with a Video-on-Demand advertising campaign across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google.