Hotpoint joins with Jamie Oliver in Eat Your Fridge Challenge

Encouraging consumers to move to zero food waste

11 Oct, 19

As part of its long-term commitment to helping consumers move to a zero waste kitchen, Hotpoint has teamed up with Jamie Oliver for the Eat Your Fridge Challenge.

Hotpoint joins with Jamie Oliver in Eat Your Fridge campaign


The campaign is encouraging consumers to participate in seven days of being more mindful when it comes to cooking and committing to throwing away zero edible food waste.

To help  Jamie Oliver has created  recipes, tips and food hacks designed to help consumers look at food waste in a new light.

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From broccoli stems, potato skins, even radish leaves, this root to stem approach means the most forgotten parts of fruit and vegetables can be used to create  meals.

The Eat Your Fridge Challenge is part of Hotpoint’s Fresh Thinking for Forgotten Food Campaign, which is now in its second year.

To promote the Fresh Thinking for Forgotten Food initiative, Hotpoint has launched a digital campaign, which includes on-demand advertising, a landing page on the Hotpoint website plus social media stories on Facebook and Instagram.

Product video advertising will also be hosted on YouTube and news websites, to highlight the  technologies in Hotpoint appliances which will help consumers reduce food waste, and drive footfall for our retailers.

It follows research commissioned by Hotpoint which revealed Brits have to cook an average of two dishes each mealtime to cater for various household dietary requirements.

It contributes to over £1 billion worth of food a month ending up in the bin, which means UK households are throwing away 7 million tonnes of food every year – enough to fill 40 million wheelie bins, or 100 Royal Albert Halls.

The study found that having to buy in a variety of different ingredients and a lack of meal planning were contributing factors to  consumers  regularly throwing away excess produce.

Also contributing to the food waste mountain is confusion over what parts of fruit, vegetables, meat and fish are edible.

Of those questioned, over half the nation thought that potato peelings were not fit for human consumption, along with broccoli stems (47%) and stale bread (61%)

Brand ambassador for Hotpoint Jamie Oliver commented: “I’m really pleased to continue working with Hotpoint on this fantastic and important campaign.

“Together, we want to inspire everyone to reduce food waste, and we’ve got loads of hints, tips and ideas that you can tap into every day at home.

“Last year, we focused on easy ways to turn leftover food into delicious meals, and this year we’re all about celebrating every last little bit of veg and fruit: with my root-to-stem cooking hacks, it’s totally possible to create mouthwatering meals that are packed with flavour, and are waste-free, too. Win-win.”

Senior brand manager of Hotpoint Catherine Balderson added: “Whether for dietary, ethical or environmental reasons the nation is changing the way we eat at an unprecedented pace.

“With many households now having to cater for multiple diets under one roof, recipe planning and fridge management has become more important than ever before.

“Combining good buying and cooking habits along with the latest refrigeration technology is the most effective way to minimise your household’s contribution to the food waste crisis in the UK and save money in the process.

“We are excited to see households across the UK be even more creative in the kitchen to spend a week going waste free.”

Hotpoint is also partnering with FoodCycle, a charity using food waste to create community meals. Every time the hashtag #EatYourFridge is used on a public consumer social media account, Hotpoint will donate the value of four meals to FoodCycle5.

In the last year alone, FoodCycle transformed 270 tonnes of surplus food into nutritious meals for UK communities.

Chief executive of FoodCycle Mary McGrath said: “Our volunteers create delicious vegetarian meals from surplus food every week, so, they’re experts when it comes to getting the most from every ingredient and ensuring our meals are as nutritious as possible for our guests.

“It’s brilliant that Hotpoint and Jamie Oliver have teamed up to share their Fresh Thinking expertise with us and the nation. We are extremely grateful for their support in reducing food waste, food poverty and loneliness.”