Hotpoint research reveals British appliance habits

30 Jul, 14

One in three will only buy a new appliance if the old one is broken

A third of consumers will only replace their household appliances if they are broken, according to a recent survey by Hotpoint, which found that nearly 20% of people feel their home is ‘up-to-date’. 

The poll of 2,000 adults also revealed a fifth of consumers care more about how their home appliances look than what they can do, with only three in ten believing they had an appliance that could be deemed to have the latest smart technology.

The poll was commissioned by Hotpoint as part of its Home IQ campaign which aims to change Britain’s perception of technology in our homes to make them smarter and more efficient. 

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The research also found  the average home has three major appliances that are currently broken or only partly functioning.

Piero Pracchi, marketing director for Hotpoint, commented: “Keeping our homes performing efficiently not only saves us money in the long run but it can also enhance our lives by utilising the latest advances in technology. With this study, Hotpoint wanted to challenge consumers to consider how smart their homes really are and to help them change for the better by making their homes smarter and more efficient.”