BMA supports hot water awareness campaign

07 Oct, 14

BMA supports campaign to prevent scalding from hot water

The Bathroom Manufacturers Association has lent its support the Children’s Burns Trust (CBT) campaign, in a bid to educate people about the dangers of hot water, prevent scalds especially among children and the elderly.

Hot Water Burns like Fire is working with the Bathroom Manufacturer’s Association (BMA) to support the use of thermostatic showers and mixing valves to prevent scalding in the bathroom.

Burns cost the NHS £10 million a year, with 130,000 visits to A&E departments a year due to burns and scalds. On average, 110 children a day are seen in emergency departments every day in England and Wales. Over two thirds of scald injuries affect children and such injuries are most common in the kitchen, living room and bathroom.

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Ken Dunn, trustee of the CBT and a plastic surgeon who runs the International Burn Industry Database spoke of the effect burns can have: “90% of injuries are preventable. There is no cure for burns, scars are permanent.”

He also added figures show the numbers of burns hasn’t reduced in the last twenty years and this has spurred the campaign.

The campaign also boasts the support of Paul Fuller, chief fire officer of the Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service and actress Amanda Redman MBE, who suffered third degree burns to 75% of her body as a child.

Terry Woolliscroft of the BMA, showcased the campaign’s website, which he called the ‘anchor’ of the campaign and which offers specific sections for children, families and professionals. Woolliscroft called the website the ‘anchor’ of the whole campaign.