Ideal Standard world tour stops in Dubai

The Together World Tour, Ideal Standard’s series of cinematic events for the architecture and design community, is stopping in Dubai

17 Nov, 21

The Together World Tour, a series of cinematic events for the architecture and design community by Ideal Standard, is making its fifth stop in Dubai on November 22 at 11am GMT.

Ideal Standard tour stops in Dubai

Penultimate event in the series, A Moment of Innovation, will explore the historic districts of Dubai, as well as the spirit of this modern city, uncovering links in design between the past, the present and the future.

The film will feature a series of interviews with leaders in architecture and design, who will offer their perspectives around the evolution of modern design and the influence heritage can have on it.

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It will also include the Dubai UAE 2020 Expo, exploring the event and some of the innovation on show. 

The fifth show in Ideal Standard’s global journey will showcase some of the company’s most innovative products like the Intellimix smart tap, alongside products from its contemporary Atelier Collections.

Joint CEO of Ideal Standard Jan-Peter Tewes commented: “Dubai is a place renowned for its rapid urban development and iconic modern architecture.

“However, it has an incredibly interesting history which is still extremely visible. In this film, we will look to explore the duality of old and new design concepts.

“At Ideal Standard, we often look to our past to inspire product development. As a company, we have more than 100 years of experience working with master designers.

“With our latest collections, we’re re-inventing some of our most iconic designs using cutting-edge technology and materials, offering our customers unique, trend-setting products.

The Together World Tour is taking place in six cities around the world, and has toured Milan, Berlin, Paris and London, with the final stop in Shanghai.