iKBBI: Kbb installation not in good place

14 Mar, 14

Director of the iKBBI Damian Walters was spreading the word about accredited fitting

Damian Walters, director of the Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom Installers (iKBBI), was spreading the word about fitting accreditation at kbbBirmingham. He commented: “The industry, in general, from an installation point of view, I don’t think is in a very good place. We are an industry that reportedly two years’ ago, created something like £69million worth of issues around installation and that’s bad news for everybody.”

The iKBBI is working on defining a set of fitting standards, specific to the kbb industry combing knowledge from large retail brands, such as John Lewis, Tesco and industry professionals.

Walters added: “The experience, the knowledge, the base, is already in existence but nobody is pulling it together and that’s really where the iKBBI can come into play.”

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When asked how it compared with standards such as FIRA Gold, Walters acknowledged “FIRA Gold – great brand” but he pointed out: “We’re all about the independent accreditation of individual installers and, for us, that’s the most important part.”

A full review of kbbBirmingham will appear in the April issue of Kitchens & Bathrooms News.