iKBBI to promote gas safety awareness

23 Nov, 15

iKBBI joins with Capita which operates the Gas Safety Register

The Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Installers (iKBBI) has joined with the operator of the Gas Safe Registration scheme, Capita, to promote gas safety awareness.

Gas Safe Register replaced Corgi as the official list of engineers who are qualified to work legally on gas appliances.

The two organisations have announced a strategic partnership to raise awareness to consumers, installers and the wider kbb community.

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Commenting on the initiative, CEO of the iKBBI Damian Walters said: “It’s vital kbb installers are aware of their legal obligations when gas is concerned. As an institute, we have an obligation to educate our members, as well as those customers they serve, on the important subject of gas safety in the home”.

He continued: “The initiative will undoubtedly support good practice in a situation where lives and individuals well-being could be put at risk as badly fitted and poorly-serviced appliances can cause gas leaks, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning”.

Representing the Gas Safe Register, stakeholder manager Abrar Hussain Aziz said: “We are delighted that iKBBI given its leading position in the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom installation sector understands the importance of promoting this good practice, and together our organisations will work hard to promote the message that any work on gas appliances should only be undertaken by Gas Safe registered engineers.”