In-toto reveals premium concept franchise

Warendorf by In-toto in Weybridge is the first of a number of premium showrooms

20 Jul, 18

Kitchen franchise In-toto  has opened its first premium concept showroom Warendorf by In-toto at Weybridge in Surrey.

The franchise has a network of 22 showrooms nationwide, aimed at the mid to high-end market, which supply furniture by Warendorf and Brigitte.

However, the Warendorf by In-toto showroom is solus and features appliances from premium manufacturers Miele and Bora.

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It has taken nine months for the concept to come to fruition, with a second showroom now planned for Wilmslow, Cheshire.

Further openings of Warendorf by In-toto showrooms are expected over the next 12 months.

Speaking at the launch, national business manager of In-toto Jake Colwill commented on the Warendorf by In-toto concept: “Where we think there is market demand, in an extremely affluent area, or showrooms which warrant a premium offering, those will be exclusively Warendorf.”

National franchise director of In-toto Kitchens Daniel Lloyd said the company had “taken a brand that was established and well-known and tried to revamp it going forwards.”

He exclaimed the company had reached “a bit of a milestone, where the new showroom is complete and ready to show off the new concept and what we are going to do.”

In-toto was formally owned by Alno UK, which slid into administration following the collapse of its German parent company. However, the showroom franchise was rescued by a management buy-out.

Entrenched in the South East of England, In-toto Kitchens now plans to open a showroom in every major town or city.