InHouse directors assume greater role

02 Jun, 14

Stuart Dance, Chris Dance and Malo Tasle take on more responsibilities

Directors of family-run kitchen agency InHouse, Stuart Dance, Chris Dance and Malo Tasle have taken on more business responsibilities in the running of the company.

Stuart Dance is sales director and will be responsible for managing clients in Scotland and the North, as well as working with sales rep and InHouse’s network of agents.

Chris Dance will look after international and UK contracts, technical and design division, while Malo Tasle is responsible for technical and design, as well as being southern area manager and looking after InHouse’s network of retailers.

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InHouse represents German furniture manufacturers Schuller, Pelipal and Nolte Delbruck, as well as Italian company Aster Cucine.

InHouse has a UK network of more than 400 independent retailers and has also built a business in the Caribbean, with a turnover of $10million since 2005.

In addition, InHouse has a showroom opening in Antigua and is moving into the United Arab Emirates with a Schuller showroom in Bahrain.

Managing director Wayne Dance commented: “Inhouse is a family-run business, and now is the time to give well-deserved responsibilities to my two sons Stuart and Chris. I’ve worked with Malo for over 20 years and he’s like an adopted son.

“Having proved themselves in numerous roles, they are well positioned to have a leadership role in the running and developing of InHouse’s business and network of retailers.”

He added: “I am still heavily committed and very actively involved. Anyone who knows me knows that my laptop and phone are never far away but now is the time to pave the way for the future of the business.”

Wayne Dance concluded: “I’ve been in this industry a long time and have seen many companies fail because they don’t have succession plans in place. With InHouse now generating sales in excess of £20million in the UK and internationally, we need to have a team of top leadership talent to continue to provide what we’re brilliant at – fantastic support, excellent service and quality products.”