InSinkErator invests in UK distribution

Distribution and logistics moved from the Netherlands to the UK

05 Jul, 18

Waste disposer and hot tap manufacturer InSinkErator has invested in a UK distribution facility in the Borough of Milton Keynes to improve customer service and support the company’s growth.

It will see the company offer improved service levels through reduced lead times, next day delivery and direct delivery to customers.

The complete InSinkErator portfolio of steaming hot water taps, food waste disposers and sink accessories will be stocked at the Milton Keynes facility.

This will include its latest range of 4N1 Touch combination taps in a Velvet Black finish.

Managing director of InSinkErator EMEA and Russia Ashley Munden said: “As part of our on-going growth strategy at InSinkErator we are always looking at ways to improve the service we offer to our customers.

“The new facility is much more convenient for everyone as well as meeting the needs of our customers and hastening the delivery process.

“With the popularity of steaming hot water taps and growing interest in the topic of the disposal of food waste in the home, alongside the significant increase of the InSinkErator product portfolio, we have invested in moving the UK inventory and logistics operation from the Netherlands to a new UK facility.”