InSinkErator joins online debate on food waste

28 May, 14

What role can disposers play in food waste?

Waste disposer manufacturer InSinkErator recently joined online discussion panel to talk about the role of disposers within food waste management.

The event entitled ‘Food Waste Disposal Units – Is the Jury Still out?’ was co-ordinated by Waste Wise, an environmental organisation dedicated to raising awareness of issues in waste disposal. It featured a panel which consisted of speakers with knowledge on subjects such as food waste disposers, recycling biosolids and waste water treatment.

Lead environmental engineer Mike Keleman said now is the time for increasing awareness and uptake of food disposers, stating: “Because of the trend to keep organics out of landfill, public entities have an invested interest in reducing their energy demand and carbon footprint by using food waste disposers.”

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US-based Keleman has toured the UK to educate professionals about food waste and eradicate misconceptions about waste disposers.

According to InSinkErator, seven million tonnes of food and drink are wasted each year in the UK, resulting in growing strain on landfill sites. It states that a food waste disposer can reduce the amount of food waste sent to landfill by up to 20%.

Ashley Munden, managing director of InsinkErator Europe, said: “As active campaigners for sustainable food waste solutions, we wholeheartedly applaud any events that help raise awareness on the scale of the issue.”