Installers are owed £1million after Bathstore collapse, says BiKBBI

SME installers are owned more than £million with the figure expected to "dramatically" rise

28 Jun, 19

Following the collapse of Bathstore have entered administration, its installers are owed £1million with the amount set to rise “dramatically”.


According to the British Institute of KBB Installation (BiKBBI), around 100 installer members have contacted the company, with the highest individual creditor owed more than £90,000.

CEO of the BiKBBI Damian Walters said: “We are sad to report that we have received over 100 updates from members, representing around a quarter of those potentially affected, who are collectively owed in excess of £1m by Bathstore for completed installation work.

“We expect this number to rise dramatically over the coming days as our members continue to update us with their stake.”

“Of those members who have updated us so far, the highest individual creditor is owed over £90,000, with the majority being owed between £2,500 & £10,000. Clearly this is a life changing situation for many.”

He continued: “We often understand the impact on staff involved in these situations, but forget the impact on micro SME suppliers. BiKBBI is committed to ensure these people and their families voices are heard at the very highest level.”

The BiKBBI is acting as a conduit for information and its helping its members through the process of recompense for monies owed.

It is also supporting its members by connecting them with new opportunities to help replace the Bathstore business.

Damian Walters explained: ” The threat of losing money is one thing, but this situation will affect their future order-book, with installers often being booked for 8-12 weeks in advance.

“We are working with some great retailers and strategic partners and thankfully the general UK skills shortage will prove to be an asset in this scenario.

“Great installers are in demand and we will ensure that our members are connected with those businesses and individuals seeking a professional installation service.”

He concluded: ”  “Once again it’s the little guy that’s hit the most. Honest, hard working people who are the backbone of our economy are once again victim of a scenario which is clearly way beyond their control.

“I give my personal assurances to each and every one of them and their families that we’ll do everything in our power to ensure their voice is heard.

“We have requested meetings with the appointed administrators at BDO and will be meeting Ministers to discuss the available support to our members and their customers.

“I have spoken to our own Patron Stephen Metcalfe MP, and we are working on a strategy to seek government support on this matter – This will go right to the top and I will not rest until notice is taken and action is had”.