Jamie Oliver heads Hotpoint food waste campaign

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver helping to launch Fresh Thinking for Forgotten Food campaign

10 Jul, 18

Appliance manufacturer Hotpoint has teamed up with brand ambassador Jamie Oliver to launch the Fresh Thinking for Forgotten Food campaign, to reduce waste.

Research commissioned by Hotpoint found two thirds of Brits worry about food waste but admitted buying fresh ingredients to replace edible food in the fridge.

The research also revealed the three most wasted foods in the UK are bread, bagged salad and fresh vegetables.

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In addition, Hotpoint found over a third of those surveyed did not plan means and only a quarter create an itemised shopping list before going to the supermarket.

Jamie Oliver heads Hotpoint food waste campaign


Inspired by Hotpoint’s Day-1 refrigeration technology that helps keeps food fresher for longer, the campaign demonstrates recipes using ingredients that are wasted the most.

It will also share tips on how to reduce food waste and save money in the process.


Jamie Oliver joins Hotpoint to reduce food waste

Hotpoint fridge featuring Day1 technology, to keep food fresher for longer

Jamie Oliver commented: “We’re a lucky bunch to be able to cook with such a huge range of ingredients.

“But, with so much great product available, if you don’t have a bit of a plan or forget to check what you have in the fridge before you set off, it’s easy to buy too much and end up wasting food and money.

“For me, the most powerful weapon in the fight is against food waste is food knowledge. It’s our best friend, and having the know-how to cook from scratch and be able to adapt recipes to make use of what’s left in the fridge is an invaluable skill.

“And trust me, a little experimentation with an ingredient you were about to throw away can often lead to the most incredible new dishes and tastes.”


Head of brand at Hotpoint Jennifer Taylor said: “Our research has shown us just how much the nation really care about food waste, so we have decided to take action to show households that there is so much you can do with leftovers and forgotten food.

“And with the right kitchen equipment, from fridge technology that keeps food fresher for longer to ovens with auto-recipe functions for extra inspiration, your food and your money can go a lot further.”