KBB exceeded Masterclass Kitchens expectations

24 Mar, 16

Best show in 12 years exclaims commercial director Steve Tough

K&B News: What are your latest launches for KBB Birmingham?

Steve Tough (ST): We’ve got four new ranges of product, a palette of five silk colours, internal pantry systems and wood-effect drawer boxes.

K&B News: What has the reaction been like?

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ST: Fantastic. [The stand] has been jam-packed for three days. A much better reaction than we could ever have hoped for and everybody is very complementary about the products we’re bringing to the market.

K&B News: What is the hero product of the stand?

ST: I think the product that has had the best response is the Marlborough, which is smooth, silk finish, painted furniture and I think that has had the biggest impact.

K&B News: Who has visited your stand?

ST: I would say 80% of people who have visited our stand have been retailers. We’ve gathered somewhere in the region of 160-170 leads so far, which is incredible. We really didn’t expect that. It would be nice to get somewhere close to up to 200 leads over four days but if it carries on at this rate, we’ll way surpass 250-160 leads.

K&B News: How does this show compare with previous years?

ST: I think this is probably the best show I’ve attended in the last 12 years, in terms of the quality of retailers that are attending and also just the sheer size of the show.