KBBNTG petitions to save design in schools

04 Mar, 16

Design and technology may be culled as compulsory subject for 14-16 year olds

The KBB NTG is leading the charge to support a petition to keep creative subjects, including design and technology, on schools’ curriculums for pupils aged between 14-16.

The Government proposes to introduce the English Baccalaureate or Ebacc, which will focus on English, maths, science, a language, history or geography but will exclude art, music, drama, design and technology.

KBB NTG CEO Renee Mascari commented: “The NTG is a member of the Proskills (sector skills body) Furniture Board and we are working together to support the petition to keep creative subjects in school, including design and technology.

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These subjects are vital to the industry and the schools’ programmes and with the current skills shortage in the KBB industry, it is important we do all we can to secure a career pathway for new entrants.”

Accomplished kitchen designer Johnny Grey has also lent his support to the petition. He stated: “Design and technology is key to understanding – and having an interest in – the built environment, as well as the root to making things. Without teaching D&T (and the arts) we will have a population who will miss out on a key cultural activity and one of the great pleasures of life. Not to mention the practical gains from having great design, architecture and a well-functioning natural environment.”

Editor of Kitchens & Bathrooms News Philippa Turrell has signed the petition, shared it on social media, and implores the industry to do the same.

At the time of publishing, the petition stood at 74,075 signatures but 100,000 signatures are needed before May 9, 2016 for it to be debated in Parliament.