#KBNConvo talks sales versus design

How do we differentiate between a designer and salesperson, is it value of the project alone?

25 Jun, 19

Kitchens & Bathrooms News will host its monthly Twitter chat #KBNConvo on June 25, 12-1pm, and ask the industry about sales versus design.

#KBNConvo talks sales versus design



In a hour-long question and answer session, #KBNConvo will be probing about how the industry differentiates between a salesperson and designer, and whether it’s based on the value of the project.

It will determine what sales skills are required by designers to successfully sell their projects, and which techniques should be avoided.

#KBNConvo will also be asking if designers believe in formal sales training, finding out if there is enough provision in the industry, and considering whether this could raise the standard of selling.

To get involved, simply follow Kitchens & Bathrooms News on Twitter @kandbnews and answer the series of posed questions, followed by the hashtag #KBNConvo.

Editor of Kitchens & Bathrooms News Philippa Turrell said: “It’s so easy to get involved. We ask a series of questions, labelled Q1, Q2, etc. All Twitter followers need to do is reply with A1, A2, and include#KBNConvo in their answers.”

She continued: “We have had some very interesting discussions and are now starting to create a real online community at #KBNConvo.

“I would urge all kitchen and bathroom designers, retailers, installers and manufacturers to join #KBNConvo to share their thoughts and help create a more informed industry.

Last month #KBNConvo tackled the issue of sustainability and asked whose responsibility is it to educate consumers?