#KBNConvo to focus on sustainability

We'll be discussing the best ways to educate consumers on water-saving and energy efficiency

20 May, 19

Kitchens & Bathrooms News will host its monthly Twitter chat #KBNConvo on Friday May 24, 12-1pm, and will be asking the industry about sustainable design.

#KBNConvo to focus on sustainability

In a hour-long question and answer session, #KBNConvo will be asking whether consumers are seeking water and energy-saving products and what they are seeking?

It will consider whose responsibility it is to educate consumers about water and energy-efficiency – designers or manufacturers?

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#KBNConvo will also be asking how the industry is educating consumers about water and energy-efficiency and what could be improved to get the message across?

It follows a WRAS survey which found nearly 40% of Brits don’t ask about water-saving advice and around one in four people don’t know how much water they use.

To get involved, simply follow Kitchens & Bathrooms News on Twitter @kandbnews and answer the series of posed questions, followed by the hashtag #KBNConvo.

Editor of Kitchens & Bathrooms News Philippa Turrell said: “Sustainability is an important topic in kitchen and bathroom design and we want to know how, or even if, this message is reaching the consumer.

“The live Twitter chat #KBNConvo will be able to give us a broad stroke of understanding, about whether sustainability is a paramount concern to consumers.

“It will also allow designers working in a showroom to provide their solutions on the best way to introduce water and energy-saving to customers, so we can feed that back to the industry.”

She added: “I would urge all designers, retailers, installers and manufacturers to join #KBNConvo to share their thoughts and help create a more informed industry, ultimately improving projects and sales by better meeting the needs of the customer.”