Kbsa adds AI speaker to conference

The Kbsa has added an AI professional to its conference speaker programme, which takes place on September 27 at the Belfry Hotel in the West Midlands.

14 Jun, 23

Trade association the Kbsa has added an AI professional to its speaker programme at the KBB Industry Conference, which takes place  on September 27 at the Belfry Hotel and Resort in the West Midlands.

Kbsa adds AI speaker to conference

Mike Bradley, founder of Josef.network, is an Oxford graduate, with over 20 years’ experience of working with renowned global brands on digital innovation, strategic planning and technology adoption.

He currently leads a team providing end-to-end AI solutions and personalised experiences for clients.

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His talk “Building Success: How AI Can Enhance Your Business”, will explore how to unleash potential for inspiration and innovation through artificial intelligence.

Bradley will share insights into how AI can be implemented to transform businesses and highlight opportunities for AI to spark ingenuity and enhance experiences.

Kbsa chair Richard Hibbert said: “AI is an important addition to the programme. It is such a hot topic, not yet fully understood, and often perceived as a negative for business that we wanted to have the opportunity to dispel the misconceptions, and shed some light on the positives.”

The KBB Industry Conference 2023 will be hosted by the journalist and broadcaster Juliet Morris, followed by the awards dinner in the evening.

Award winning comedian, presenter, actor, author and scriptwriter Russell Kane will host the 2023 Designer Awards.