Kelda wins two environmental awards

Kelda Showers has won a duo of environmental awards which recognise the UK’s tech and energy-saving businesses.

03 Jan, 24

Water and energy-efficient shower manufacturer Kelda has won a duo of environmental awards which recognise the UK’s tech and energy-saving businesses.

Kelda Showers scoops sustainable tech award

The company has been presented the Technology and Innovation Award at the inaugural Hampshire Business Awards, and Water Saving Domestic Product of the Year Award at the Energy Saving Awards.

Both awards cover both Kelda’s 10-year focus on research and technology, which uses air-powered technology to reduce water consumption, lower energy costs and carbon emissions.

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According to the company, compared with a traditional shower used by a family of four Kelda’s Air-Powered showers uses 55% less water and energy and can save around £385 in the annual water and energy bills.

A typical home could cut their annual energy consumption by about 10% (2,200kWh). That’s equivalent to boiling a kettle 20,000 times.

Kelda’s showerhead also utilises its Air-Protect technology to blow air through the showerhead, after each use, to reduce the risk of water stagnation and prevent bacterial growth.

Marketing director at Kelda Paul Ravnbo-West said: “We are extremely delighted to win these awards. It’s great recognition for the team and encourages us to keep working hard to protect our most valuable resource – water.

“We are on a mission to deliver the best possible shower using the least amount of water.

“By radically reducing water use we can reduce hot water energy and carbon emissions – to help support our customers on their way to net zero.

“Our showers can also help reduce household energy bills by around £300-£400 per year.

“Our Air-Powered showers utilise the principles of fuel injection technology to mix the right amount of water in air to deliver the most efficient shower spray without compromising quality or performance.

“The technology has been developed with the University of Southampton. In the leisure sector we have helped one David Lloyd Health Club save 10,000 litres of water every day.

“We believe this technology and its benefits are scalable and we are now focused on helping the housebuilding sector to build sustainable homes that are affordable places to live – increasingly important due to the current energy insecurity.”

It follows on from Kelda Showers scooping the Sustainable Tech Company of the Year at the South Coast Tech Awards and Sustainable Innovations Competition organised by Lloyds Bank and Wates Group.