Kessebohmer explains iMove storage at KBB

24 Mar, 16

UK sales manager Heiner Klingelhofer says the hero of its stand is iMove

K&B News: Why are you at KBB Birmingham?

Heiner Klingelhofer (HK): We are mainly focussing on accessing the inside of the cabinets. We have a few new products here, for instance a product where you can swing down the content of a wall cabinet. People are getting older and working in the kitchen becomes more and more difficult, so therefore we tried to develop products which make the work in the kitchen easier.

K&B News: Which of your new products is the hero of your stand?

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HK: We believe this pull-down unit, which we call iMove, ‘intelligent movement’, is the star of this years’ show. People are surprised it is possible to swing down a weight capacity of 8kg smoothly and swing it up again with the same smoothness without electricity or a motor.

K&B News: What do you think of the show?

HK: We had not expected that so many visitors would come and would stay for such a long time. We’ve had a lot of discussions about our products. In the past it was always more about the colour and the accessories, but we’ve had three days now of many visitors who are really interested in the possibilities of clever storage products.