Kitchen cabinets most considered purchase

04 Feb, 15

Interior Buying Census survey of 2,000 consumers

Consumers spend more time considering their choice of kitchen furniture than any other interior product according to the Interiors Buying Census, a report into consumer purchasing habits.

The report was commissioned by UBM, organiser of the May Design Series and kbb Birmingham, surveyed 2,000 adults and asked consumers how long they wait before deciding to purchase an item for the home.

It found, on average, consumers will deliberate between one and three months for kitchen cabinets, ahead of flooring, sofas and lighting.

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Additionally, it revealed kitchen appliances were placed in the top five products that consumers are looking to purchase this year, making them more a more popular choice than lighting and bedding.

The Census also found just under one in five people (18%) were concerned about buying British, while a quarter of shoppers were consciously buying products that have been produced sustainably.

It further reported earners of £200,000 and above, as well as those aged 55+ are more likely to want to touch and feel a product before purchasing it, and the larger the budget the savvier the consumer.

However, it also revealed 90% of shoppers claim price is still a main consideration when shopping for interior products, although a third are led by emotions and rarely stick to their pre-determined budgets.