Kohler expands smart bathroom portfolio at CES

Bathroom manufacturer Kohler Co expanded its smart home portfolio, with a focus on personal wellbeing at CES.

19 Jan, 21

Bathroom manufacturer Kohler Co expanded its smart home portfolio, with a focus on personal wellbeing, at the virtual CES (Consumer Electronics Show) event.

Kohler expands smart bathroom at CES

It included three products for the bathroom, the Stillness Bath, Innate Intelligent Toilet, Touchless Bathroom Faucet collection, plus a whole house solution.

The Stillness bath draws its inspiration from Japanese forest bathing, or shinrin-yoku, and combines water, light, fog and aromas.

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It fills from the bottom of the bath and the bath has been designed to overflow into the surrounding Hinoki wood moat, which also includes full spectrum lighting.

Stillness also creates fog for the surface of the water and the user can add their own choice of aroma.

Also adding to the smart bathroom collection, Kohler introduced the Innate Intelligent Toilet, which has been positioned at a “more affordable price”.

Innate includes a heated seat, automatic open and close, bidet functionaity and remote control operation.

In addition, it revealed touchless residential bathroom tap which offers hands-free activation to decrease the potential spread of bacteria and germs in the space.

Designers can choose from a model with integrated sensors or a remote puck which cann be added on to any Kohler single control bathroom tap.

The whole house solutions emerged from a collaboration with Phyn – Kohler Whole Home Water Monitor Powered by Phyn, and come in the choice of a DIY and Pro version.

Both products use Phyn’s pressure wave analysis to monitor water flow to notify a homeowner if a leak is detected anywhere in the home and shut off water automatically.

It can also provide detailed insights into how each fixture uses water.

The DIY version mounts under a single sink and can be installed by a homeowner, while the Pro variation is installed at a water main, either inside or outside the home.

Kohler has also introduced smart technology for the kitchen with voice-activated Konnect tap, as well as voice control Oncue Plus for standby generators.

President and CEO of Kohler Co David Kohler said: “As we grow our leadership in smart home innovation, our products make it possible for consumers to easily enjoy the advantages of touchless and connected experiences, without adding clutter or complexity to their spaces.”

He continued: “We believe there is a delicate balance when it comes to technology in the home – and will continue pioneering opportunities for seamless control in the bathroom and kitchen with an eye toward gracious living and wellbeing.”

Samsung also introduced its vision of the future at CES and LG Electronics introduced its InstaView refrigerator with voice control.