Lakes achieves Carbon Footprint Standard

Supporting a trio of carbon offset projects

21 Aug, 19

Manufacturer of showering spaces Lakes has achieved the Carbon Footprint Standard, having achieved carbon neutrality via the support of internationally certified carbon offset projects.

Lakes achieves Carbon Footprint Standard

The two-stage process audited all greenhouse gas emissions associated with Lakes’ UK operation.

This resulted in the award of the Carbon Footprint Standard, based on Lakes’ carbon footprint assessment being audited in a process following ISO 140064-3.

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To compensate for carbon emissions produced in the natural day-to-day running of a business, Lakes is working closely with Carbon Footprint to offset them in three ways.

Firstly, it will plant trees in the UK because trees absorb carbon dioxide to produce oxygen.

Lakes will also support a Uganda borehole rehabilitation project to provide a source of clean drinking water, and a solar power energy installation in India.

Both Uganda and India projects, as well as providing climate change mitigation, also support developing regions of the world.

It follows on from the announcement that packaging for all newLakes products is now 100% recyclable. Lakes is the first in its sector to do this.

The company has now taken this further, extending it to 100% recycling of all product waste, primarily glass and aluminium, and all recyclable site and office waste.

Lakes Operations director Mick Evans said:: “It’s important we all take responsibility for the negative impacts we’re having on our environment.

“By making these changes Lakes is reducing and offsetting its carbon footprint.

“We’re delighted to have achieved Carbon Neutral status and we hope others will follow our lead.”

Client director at Carbon Footprint Dr Wendy Buckley added: “Lakes is taking a leading and proactive position in its market, to measure and manage its carbon impact – even though there is no legislative requirement for them to do so.

“They are making active steps to reduce the carbon emissions in the business, going forward, and by carbon offsetting they are mitigating unavoidable emissions by supporting projects across the world with immediate effect.”