LDL reports “record-breaking” sales

Investment in production, staff and training

04 Mar, 19

Component supplier LDL has reported a “record-breaking” year of sales, following its MBO last year.

LDL reports "record-breaking" sales

LDL has expanded its workforce, invested in its production line and warehouse and overhauled its office suite, with video editing capabilities for its marketing department.

In addition, it has also created a dedicated design room, which hosts weekly training sessions three times a week.

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Managing director Simon Ogden commented: “The huge investment in 2018 demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing the very best possible service to our customers.

“That means improving efficiency in every area, no matter how good it is already, and investing time and money to ensure our young and enthusiastic new recruits are given the most thorough training possible.

“The future is bright for LDL, and we look forward to another record-breaking year.”