LG Electronics partners Honestly Healthy

08 Aug, 14

Appliance manufacturer announces six-month partnership with healthy eating hub

LG Electronics has announced a six-month partnership with healthy eating hub Honestly Healthy in a programme of consumer marketing activity to support its latest refrigeration range.

The aim is to highlight the technologies in its latest range of combi, side-by-side and American-style refrigeration,  such as LG’s Door-in-Door model, which are claimed to maintain freshness in fruit and vegetables.

These technologies include the Moist Balance Crisper that forms a lattice above the salad and vegetable drawer to capture moisture emitted by foods, therefore preventing them becoming dired out or soggy.

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Commerical director of consumer electronics at LG Electronics UK, Andy Mackay commented on the partnership: “With both LG and Honestly Healthy committed to ensuring consumers get the very best from their food and groceries, this was a “natural” partnership in all respects. LG’s refrigeration products offer innovative and unique technologies to help people keep fruit and veg at their best, perfect for the likes of Honestly Heathy devotees who are always stocked up with fresh produce.”

Natasha Corrett, founder of Honestly Healthy, said “We advocate and encourage a fresh alkaline eating plan, to maintain a healthy lifestyle. When your body is alkaline you have clear skin, greater concentration, shiny hair – all the things you want with the bonus of weight loss. Keeping your food fresh and storing it well prolongs the life of food, the nutrients that you get from your food, and reduces wastes. Working with LG we hope to help healthy eaters maintain their fresh produces for the ultimate Honestly Healthy way of eating.”