LG re-designs Door-in-Door refrigeration

31 Aug, 16

Re-designed Door-in-Door model and introduction of Centum System refrigeration

LG Electronics has unveiled its latest range of premium cooling appliances at IFA, including its redesigned door-in-door and Centum System refrigeration.

Introduced at IFA, last year, the Door-in-Door refrigerator was created so users didn’t have to access the entire contents of the fridge for regularly used items. According to the company, this prevented up to 41% cold air loss. Now the model has two separate accessible compartments for easier access, called the Dual Door-in-Door. In addition, it also boasts NatureFresh technology to monitor humidity and temperature, allowing the storage of food at optimal conditions. Ultimately it means, the refrigerator can keep food fresher for longer. 

The InstaView door-in-door (shown), which allows users to knock on the tinted window making it transparent so they can see the contents, was first introduced on the LG Signature refrigerator. However, it is now also available on LG’s side-by-side and French door models.

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And extending its Centum system washing machines, which now feature a Turbowash to complete a cycle in 49 minutes, LG has also introduced Centum refrigeration It uses an Inverter Linear Compressor to improve energy efficiency, which sees the bottom-mount fridge freezer providing an A+++-30% energy rating, while the side-by-side has an A+++-10% rating.